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Welcome to Japanese Food Depot

Japanese Food Depot is committed to providing the highest quality Asian food products at affordable prices to grocery stores and restaurants all over the U.S. Our Primary concern is for the safety and well being of the people who consume the products we sell. In this website you will find some the products that we provide. Please feel free to contact our Head Office (718-445-4010 & 718-353-5651) if you have any questions or concerns.

Our commitments to customers are:

  • * To provide excellent customer care and achieve highest service level.
  • * To maintain quality in products and service.
  • * To cultivate passion and knowledge of our staff to be able to assist our customers to the maximum effect.

Best Selling

  • (JY010) Hamachi Fillet (Natural)
  • (JY015) Kanpachi
  • (JY016 ) Striped Bass
  • (JY019) Kumamoto Oyster

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Contact Number: 718-445-4010 & 718-353-5651


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3145 Downing St, Flushing, NY 11354 USA
Contact Number: 718-445-4010 & 718-353-5651
Fax Number: 718-353-5652
E-mail:  info@jfdusa.com

For questions or concerns, please email info@jfdusa.com
For order, please include quantity, item number, contact info and email to sale@jfdusa.com